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In Deep

We first met Martin back in March 2015 at the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham – we’d put a post on the OpenROV forum to see if anyone wanted to join us for 4 days on our small stand surrounded by large corporates (and GCHQ). We had a large water tank, a beach, some pirate flags, a few Bob’s and a lot of space for other underwater robots.

Not knowing what he’d let himself in for, he volunteered to help out.

Two years later and we’ve done a lot together – we’ve exhibited at and run workshops at Maker events across the UK ( Newcastle twice, Liverpool twice, Edinburgh and the Rochdale canal to name a few ), developed the Lego ROV and run a successful Kickstarter.

With 2017 now in full flow and 4 major projects on the go, we thought that it was time to ask him to be a formal member of our team (when he’s not working with his other cool company Digital Maker ).

We are very happy to welcome Martin as our new Education outreach director to help drive our future educational strategy.


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