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ESCAPE – ESC powered motor control board

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The ESCAPE (ESC-cape) board was designed to provide a method of using brushless motors rather than the DC motors.

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Product Description

The ESCAPE (ESC-cape) board was designed to provide a method of using brushless motors.


Brushless motors are highly efficient, quiet and fast – they are used in everything from fast radio control cars, to quadcopters, radio control planes, boats and underwater robots.

When you feel the need to switch from DC motors to brushless motors we wanted to keep the amount of work required to a minimum. Having to re-write a lot of the code on your robot just to change the method of propulsion seemed like a bit too much work to us – so we tried to keep the API (programming interface) as similar as possible between this and the 640 board.

ESCAPE board in action

ESCAPE board technical specification

Each ESCAPE board has:

  • 6 PWM outputs on a powered rail – for Servos, LEDs, etc
  • 6 PWM outputs on a non-powered rail – for ESCs
  • Power jumper to allow the Pi to be powered via the powered rail or DC input (5V only).
  • I2C interface
  • 5 Address pins – stack up to 32 boards to run 192 Servos & 192 ESC motors
  • 1 CPPM input for RC receivers (5V safe)
  • Choice of headers and connectors

Long range control

Robots should be capable of exploring and heading to places you sometimes can’t follow.

Whilst Bluetooth game controllers, WiFi and infra-red controllers are great and relatively easy to set up, and use, they all have low range limits – some even down to a few meters.


We needed to be able to send our robots further away – yet always have the ability to take control when we needed to. Rather than invent something new, we looked at what other drone and robot builders were using and decided to follow their lead and use Radio Control.

Both the 640 and ESCAPE boards have a dedicated CPPM / PPM-SUM header on them to make it as easy as possible to connect and use a Radio Control transmitter and receiver.


Additional Information


Female header, Female stackable header, Male header

3 Pin Connections

Right angle, Vertical

Power connection

Right Angle, Screw terminal, Vertical


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