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9DOF – MPU9250 9 Degrees of freedom expansion board


The 9DoF expansion board is a tiny 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis magnetometer and 3 axis gyroscope design to fit directly on your Dark Control board.


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The 9DoF expansion board holds an MPU-9250 inertial measurement unit from InvenSense.

The MPU-9250 is a System in Package (SiP) that combines two chips: the MPU-6500 and the AK8963. The MPU-6500 contains a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer. The AK8963 chip is a 3-axis magnetometer.

The combination of the two chips gives us a full 9 degrees of freedom chip.

Our 9DoF expansion board is designed to be soldered directly onto our Dark Control boards to provide an integrated motor driving and sensor system. We’ve connected the sensor via the Raspberry Pi’s SPI interface to provide the fastest possible sensor readings – which are vital when your robot needs to make fast decisions and corrections.



  • Digital-output X-, Y-, and Z-axis angular rate sensors (gyroscopes) with a user-programmable full-scale range of ±250, ±500, ±1,000 and ±2,000°/sec and integrated 16-bit ADCs
  • Digital-output triple-axis accelerometer with a programmable full-scale range of ±2g, ±4g, ±8g and ±16g and integrated 16-bit ADCs
  • 3-axis silicon monolithic Hall-effect magnetic sensor with magnetic concentrator
  • Digitally programmable low-pass Gyroscope filter
  • Gyroscope operating current: 3.2mA
  • Accelerometer normal operating current: 450µA
  • Magnetometer normal operating current: 280µA at 8Hz repetition rate
  • Fast SPI connection to the Raspberry Pi
  • Fits directly on your dark control motor board (or Soar board if you are using another motor control board)

9DoF expansion board mounted on a SOAR board and Pi Zero


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